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Coex bring together leading technologist and financial institutions to explore, advise, facilitate, realise and further the quality and useability of digital financial products.


Find out about the talented and diversely skilled people we value and trust to deliver solutions that will increase the quality, capability and business effectiveness of the products your customers will value.



Today everyone has an alternative digital self, a life with paralleled emotions and frustrations to their daily lives. It's not enough to build products that people can use, today you need products they will use. At Coex we assemble the expertise to build outstanding products that put the experience of the people who use your products first.


"We understand complex financial product innovation, the markets your products will be competing in and essentially the experience your customers will appreciate. We act quickly, are able to identify the needed and the unnecessary. Our reputation rides on your team having the best experience. Meet our consultants and let them build the right team for you."

Craig Davies

Co Founder & Managing Director


Aligning people and projects

Find out about the people that find the people that work with your people to design and build the financial digital products people prefer.

Our people


We facilitate parallel working, syncronising with the processes and project goals of leading technology and finance institutions.

Elevating information

Discover how we collaborated with a global financial information services vendor to enhance a multi-award winning platform used by thousands of companies globally.


Co-exist in the right place

Coex is not only about sharing problems and ideas with your own hand picked team, we're about finding your happy place, city locations with spaces and amenities which will help you focus on the project at hand and get you away from the daily distractions

Location Service

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