Merging technological possibility with human capability, we co-create ground breaking products that give the consumer greater confidence in their (financial) lives.

Recent products

Financial Product Marketing
(Thomson Reuters)

Engaged with a global financial information services vendor, we enhanced a multi-award winning platform used by thousands of companies globally.

We worked to ascertain objectives and requirements of the project, help uncover and shape content in order to develop a series of UX concepts, iterating on these to eventually develop visual design solutions.

UX & Design Training Program for i-bank
(Credit Suisse)

We created a 52 module UX training program for an i-bank. The modules covered UX Strategy, Design, User Research, User Analysis & Modelling, and User Testing.

The core of the training was to give a hands-on experience, and let people solve real world problems. The aim was to educate the internal teams, predominately the Business Analyst community, on everything "UX" and to create a more user friendly platform internally, as well as externally for client facing solutions. This way, we gained customer satisfaction and efficiency.

Enhancing Market Share for an i-bank
(Credit Suisse)

Supplying consultants across the New York and London offices of a market leading i-bank, we improved overall client experience by delivering innovative technology solutions for the banks' external clients and internal front office business users. Ultimately, we resulted in the business enhancing their ability to capture opportunity and increase market share.

Financial Data Vendor

Engaging with a global financial information services vendor, we enhanced a multi-award winning platform used by thousands of companies globally.

The platform provides intelligence to enable businesses to make informed decisions considered on risk and opportunity.

We provided Senior User Experience consultants to deliver a solution which is user friendly, consistent, and has an intuitive interface design.

Responsive Sportsbook Re-design
(William Hill)

We partnered with one of the UK’s leading online gaming firms to deliver three responsive projects which took a mobile first approach.

For the Sportsbook main website, we engineered template integration and styled new components to work responsively across devices and screens.

The market leading Sportsbook product went live in summer 2015.

Divestment – Cyber Security
(BAE Applied Intelligence)

We deployed a 12 person project team to deliver the successful divestment of two business units within a multi-national Cyber Security specialist.

Discovery – Insurance
(Ardonagh Group)

We conducted a review of their current business systems and associated issues to produce a detailed problem statement. The output of that review reported on such findings: a design of the optimum IT architecture (to satisfy the problem statement), and an associated roadmap of change to deliver the architecture included in the design, all to ultimately support strategic goals of the organisation. This led on to supporting the existing IT department with an off-site Scrum team and delivering tooling on a new microservices based architecture.

Advisory – Payments

Provided the client with a detailed architecture and roadmap that addressed their existing big data strategy, considering both functional and non-functional requirements, whilst ensuring it could handle a huge increase in volume and scale. We worked closely with the current team to ensure they understood the architecture and best practices in the areas of Big Data & Apache Spark to a sufficient detail to be able to continue with the architecture build out in 2019/2020. Instructed on how to address knowledge gaps on the team and supported a hiring strategy for the group in this area.

Graduate Case Study – Payments Company

After a review of their 250 person Mobile Engineering team, we found there was a lack of junior talent and a number of unmotivated leaders. We created a bespoke 24 month program which supplied their 5 teams with 5 engineering graduates. This resulted in a more engaged group dynamic with greater synergies between teams, and a 40% greater employee retention rate of existing employees in the first year.

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